Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Rocking A Look

This is our last semester in college (Yaaay! We're graduating soon!) and we only have two days in a week where we don't have to wear our uniforms. So we decided to make the most of what's left of our casual outfit days. We decided to select a theme (it's all Rin's fault) on each day we get to wear something other than our uniforms.

Aaand last week's theme was 'Rock Star' (and that was Donna's fault).

We didn't really have much outfits that screamed 'I-rock-and-roll-and-I'm-gonna-break-this-guitar-with exaggerated-hitting-waaaaa!' but we did our best (:

P.S. For the sake of looking like Rock Stars, we ended up putting on lots of eyeliner ... and yes, there were also incidences of shaky hands and eyes being poked. But spending the afternoon together in the park was fun. It was all worth it. (From Left: Rin, Joey, Char, Whea, Donna)


An eye catching accessory (like Char's blue feather earrings) and
a perfect pose are a great combination for looking like a Star.


A dark (preferably black) jacket with a dash of bright color and
an adventurous spirit is the recipe for a day that's sure to Rock.

[See what I'm doing with the Rock's and Star's? *wink* *wink*]


Who says Rock and Roll can't be kawaii?
With the right accessories, and a skirt, an outfit could
be both cute and chic.


Eyeliners are a must for a rocker outfit. So are cute accessories!


Boots are also a must have.